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"What if everything 
is going to be alright?"


Hello, my name is Coach Aquanda.  I am an author, certified life coach, educator, and inspirational speaker dedicated to helping women and girls reach there fullest mental-emotional and spiritual potential through self awareness.  Let me and my associates coach you through:

  • ​Childhood Trauma

  • Self Esteem Issues

  • Matters of the Heart

  • Relationship Concerns

  • Anger Issues

  • Parenting

  • Parent-Teacher Relationships

Your First Session is Free:

Coach Aquanda

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Keynote/Guest Speaker

Inspirational Life Coach


Specializing in the spiritual and emotional needs of women, let me take your audience on an emotional rollercoaster using music therapy.  It's entertaining, it's fun,  and it's thought provoking.

"When you are happy you enjoy the music, when you are sad you understand the lyrics. 

                                                                                                                                    Author Unknown 

Do you feel stuck spiritually, mentally, or  emotionally?  Let me help you unpack your thoughts and feelings.   It will make you feel and function so much better. 

Have a goal you can't seem to achieve because you are easily distracted?  I will be your accountability partner. 

I am also the author of Struggle has its Strengths: A Woman's Guide to Winning While Healing Emotional Wounds.  This book is my personal journey from struggle to amazing victories through the philosophies God taught me as I was going through.  Order your copy today at: 


Barnes & Nobles


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